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DermaCare Packaging & Private Label, LLC - Launches Private Label Industry's First "Child Resistant"

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Accidental Child Ingestion & Poisoning from Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer Products Inspires DermaCare Packaging to Develop "Child Resistant" Sanitizer Bottles.

While the masks and gloves will eventually come off, alcohol based hand sanitizers will be the new normal moving forward, we must protect our children and prevent tragedies from happening.”— DermaCare Managing Director, Rich Butler




With the recent COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, we have seen an unprecedented increase of alcohol-based hand sanitizers in our homes and in our daily lives.

Despite the benefits and convenience of these supplemental hand disinfecting products, an emerging new problem is occurring….accidental ingestion and poisoning by our younger population. Most alcohol-based hand sanitizers contain 62% to 70% alcohol or higher, per CDC guidelines, making it equivalent to 120 proof of higher in relation to alcohol content. According to Poison Control, calls have increased 79% since the start of the pandemic. due to accidental ingestion.

DermaCare Line, the Promotional Product Industry’s leading high-volume manufacturer/producer of private label hand sanitizers has developed the first line of “Child Resistant” Hand Sanitizer Packaging to combat this emerging safety problem.

Most alcohol-based hand sanitizers contain 62% to 70% or higher alcohol content, making it 120 proof or higher.

“To put this in proper perspective”, said DermaCare Managing Director, Rich Butler, “most beer contains only 5% and whiskey usually contains 40 to 45 percent alcohol content. This means that a small two-ounce bottle of hand sanitizer that is kept in a purse or diaper bag, may be equal to as many as four shots of hard liquor if a child were to accidentally swallow it.”

“While the CDC strongly recommends that alcohol-based hand sanitizers be kept locked up at home and kept away from children, accidents are occurring more frequently”, said Butler. “This is a frightening trend that is the result of the exponential growth of hand sanitizer use due to the worldwide pandemic”

"While the masks and gloves will eventually come off", said Butler, "alcohol hand sanitizers will be the new normal moving forward, we must protect our children and prevent tragedies from happening".

Safety Spray™ is a patented, pre-metered spray dispenser that incorporates an effective push button child safety feature. Filled with CDC recommended 70% liquid ethyl alcohol, a one-ounce tube dispenses approximately 300 pre-metered sprays while a two-ounce pocket size container dispensers about 600 sprays. Both sizes are available with house or private label. The safety feature is child resistant, yet senior friendly.

Purely Safe™ is our safety solution for gel sanitizers. It is a child resistant bottle that contains a safety cap similar to what you would find on a traditional prescription pill bottle – the push and twist method. Size options range from 1 oz. to 4 oz., and the bottles are filled with CDC recommended 70% ethyl alcohol hand gel with moisturizers.

Both Child Resistant safety packages are filled in FDA registered and CGMP compliant facilities in the USA and are available to promotional products distributors through Franchise Distribution Agreement only.

Retail chain stores and buyers are also invited to consider Safety Spray™ and Purely Safe™ as thoughtful, peace-of-mind safety products available to consumers in optional convenient counter top display boxes.

“We are excited to be bringing such important safety packaging innovations to the hand sanitizer industry", said Butler. “We look forward to working with top distributors and retail buyers and helping to prevent the spread of illness causing germs, while keeping our children safe!”


DermaCare Packaging & Private Label, LLC (DermaCare Line), has been a Supplier member of Promotional Products Association International (PPAI #537995) since 1989.

Founding Partner, and Managing Director, Rich Butler was the first to introduce hand sanitizers as a private label promotional marketing tool for pharmaceutical distributors and brands in 1995.

Today, they maintain a leadership role in bringing innovative hand care safety packaging solutions, along with high volume, high speed production capabilities in FDA registered & compliant facilities throughout the USA and Canada.

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If you think your child has consumed hand sanitizer, call 911, or the American Association of Poison Control Centers 1-800-222-1222.

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DermaCare Packaging Introduces Purely Safe Child Resistant Hand Sanitizers

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