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Frequently asked questions

Who is DermaCare Packaging & Private Label?

DermaCare is a division of IKYP Health, which is part of parent company AmerIKYP Marketing Group, LLC. We have been SAGE & Supplier member of Promotional Products Association International since 1989.

What exactly do you do?

We are partnered with FDA registered & CGMP Compliant contract manufacturers in the USA. We develop custom formulations and private label packaging for top businesses & brands across the globe. Our focus is producing high volume, private label FDA hand sanitizers that meet CDC guidelines for supplemental hand disinfecting when conventional soap & water is not available. We also develop and offer a full range of personal care & CBD cosmetic products.

What is your experience in the promotional products industry?

Our management team was the first to bring private label antibacterial hand soaps & hand sanitizers to the promotional products market back in 1992! The focus then was serving promotional products distributors who were connected to big pharma & healthcare companies.

What are minimum order quantities?

We are aligned with high volume domestic contract fillers who use large steel vats and industrial sized, state-of-the art equipment to fill, label and pack hand sanitizer products. Our MOQ’s will start at 5,000 & 10,000 pcs.

What about availability?

Raw materials & packaging supplies are presently in very high demand worldwide. Inventories are low, however, we do have a supply chain that is capable of meeting most orders in a reasonable time frame. We are usually able to commit to 2-4 week delivery on certain bottle sizes.

Call our toll free number 1-833-DERMUSA (1-833-337-6872) or email to discuss your needs.

What about prices?

We are not in the business of “price gouging”. We may have to adjust our prices as market conditions dictate. Our quotes will be good for 7 days & subject to final confirmation.
We cannot publish pricing. Orders will be quoted on a case by case basis.

What about the cheaper hand sanitizers I can source Made in China?

Buyer Beware. This is one product you do not want to buy on price alone!
Hand sanitizers are classified by the US FDA as an OTC “Drug” product.
A higher level of manufacturing & drug facts labeling compliance and testing is required.
Import orders from China are subject to being quarantined, rejected, or even destroyed
by US Customs. We strongly recommend Made in USA.

What about the label? Can we have our own brand?

Yes, our graphic art department will assist. FDA Drug facts on back, front of label reserved for your brand and/or message.

Do you serve wholesale / retail markets?

Yes, we offer our house brand PureGel™ for retail markets, but are happy to work with your proprietary brands as well.

Can you ship (export) to international destinations?

Yes, we specialize in working with overseas clients and can arrange container load shipments to many countries, especially in Central, South America, the Caribbean, & the Middle East.

What is the percentage alcohol in your hand sanitizers?

Our sanitizers are either 62%, 65% or 70%, in strict accordance with FDA & CDC guidelines.

Do you provide MSDS Sheets?


How do I get in touch with sales? 1-833-DERMUSA Dial 1 for Sales


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